Airbrush Care


If properly cared for, airbrushed clothing can last for decades!

Before Washing: To heat-set the paint, flip the shirt inside out and iron on high (no steam) all over the design for about 3-4 minutes. This step is only needed one time, before the first washing. Some airbrushing places will heat set the shirt for you and it is not necessary to do it yourself, but just to be sure it is best to do it before the first washing. I suggest doing this next to a window or fan to avoid the paint smell.

Washing: Wash your airbrushed garment inside-out on gentle cycle with cold water. Do not bleach. Normal detergent works fine. I suggest washing it on it’s own for the first wash (some paint does come out on the first wash). After the first wash you can put it in with a load. You may also hand wash it in cold water with detergent if the garment calls for hand washing, or dry clean.

Drying: I recommend hang drying your garment so that it lasts longer and does not shrink, but using the dryer is also acceptable. Just remember to dry it inside out so the design stays in longer. Delicate cycle is recommended.


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