There’s nothing I love more at a restaurant than getting free food while you wait. Tortilla chips, bread, biscuits…It’s all good in my book as long as it’s not popcorn. A happy alternative to free munchies has always been some interesting reading material.  I’ve always enjoyed reading those paper place mats at the Chinese restaurants, the one’s that are printed with the Chinese Zodiac. I am the cock (of course). I don’t have much confidence in the Chinese Zodiac, but I have to admit it does describe me well.

“A pioneer in spirit. You are devoted to work and quest after knowledge. You are selfish and eccentric. Rabbits are trouble, Snake and Oxen are fine.”

I sort of feel like the Zodiac thing is just a clever way of describing someone or something in a way that gives the perception of a distinct truth, but in actuality is simply a deceptively colorful generalization. I like to think that some day I can be skilled in the art of colorful deceptions.

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